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If you or someone you care for is looking for information about Spokane rehab centers, you have come to the right place. is the best online source of information for those seeking rehab. Whether you are looking for assistance for yourself or a loved one who is living with a Oramorph, Roxanol or another narcotics or alcohol problem or a behavioral addiction, we can assist you. There are a wide variety of excellent drug and alcohol rehabilitation options including private inpatient programs, staffed by top quality addiction treatment professionals.

Sponsored Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Clinics in Spokane, Washington

Our featured listings provide some of the most reliable, high quality care and comfort for those taking the brave step to begin rehabilitation in Spokane. You can call us toll free to speak to a qualifed intake counselor at 1-888-287-0471 any time to find a perfectly suited center, no matter whether you are looking for residential, long term rehabilitation or some other kind you feel would better suit you.

Other Spokane Rehab Facilities

Should you choose to explore other options, the following drug or alcohol rehabilitation facilities can also help you get clean from Naltrexone, Depade, or any other substance or behavioral addiction. If you desire even more options, our hotline advisors can offer additional on site medical care alternatives in and around Spokane.

Gssac's Prevention Center 7202 East Sprague Avenue Suite H
Spokane, WA 99212
HAKE Crowley Sullivan & McKelvey 1014 North Pines Road
Spokane, WA 99206
Partners with Families and Children Spokane 613 South Washingon Street
Spokane, WA 99204
Harmony Grove Counseling 9415 East Trent Avenue
Spokane, WA 99206
Intervention Specialists, LLC 104 South Freya Street
Spokane, WA 99202
Adept Assessment & Treatment 1321 North Ash Street
Spokane, WA 99201-2803
Our Club 1104 West 2nd Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201
Springtide 901 East 2nd Avenue Suite 100
Spokane, WA 99202
The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations 5600 East 8th Avenue
Spokane, WA 99212
Daybreak Youth Services Intensive Inpatient Program for Youth 628 South Cowley Street
Spokane, WA 99202
Social Treatment Opportunity Prog II Spokane 9212 East Montgomery Street Suite 501
Spokane, WA 99207
Affordable Ignition Interlock 3221 North Monroe Street
Spokane, WA 99205
Va Behavioral Health Service 4815 North Assembly Street
Spokane, WA 99205-6185
Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers (SPARC)/Christoph House 1403 West 7th Avenue
Spokane, WA 99204
Powder Basin Accociates Limited 301 East Sharp Avenue
Spokane, WA 99202
Teen Challenge 2400 North Craig Road
Spokane, WA 99224
Group Health Cooperative Behavioral Health Services 322 West North River Drive
Spokane, WA 99201
Our Club 1102 West 2nd Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201
Bafaro Kelly LMP 624 West Hastings Road
Spokane, WA 99218
ERC Excellence in Rehabilitation Counseling 2128 North Pines Road Suite 17
Spokane, WA 99206

About Rehab Centers in Spokane, WA

Detoxing isn't enough for many people who are trying to quit ReVia, Vivitrol or other highly addictive substances. They require ongoing therapy, support and care that come from first-rate inpatient rehab centers. While people can achieve success even in outpatient programs, the success rate is statistically much lower than those entering a high quality 30, 60 or 90-day inpatient program. Fortunately, there are many to choose from in Spokane.

About Therapy, Aftercare and Sober Living in Spokane

Unless an addict has support from an outpatient clinic or a sober living facility, it's easy to relapse into old behavior patterns. Ongoing therapy may be needed to stay clean and sober for good.

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