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As a parent, you are likely looking for all the information you can gather to help your child succeed in life. Whether building your child’s self-esteem or protecting him or her from drug abuse, there are a number of topics to explore. Our easy-to-use side bar allows you to quickly navigate to the topic that interests you.

Information For Teens

ProjectKnow offers information for both children and parents. For teens, there is information dedicated to a number of topics, including:

  • Body and Image
  • Brain and Mental Health
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Dangers and Crises
  • Food and Eating
  • Fitness and Sports
  • Expert Answers
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Health and Wellness
  • Internet and Technology
  • Jobs and Careers
  • Money and Finance
  • People and Culture
  • School and Education
  • Style and Fashion
  • Sex and Relationships

These topics cover a range of important information that your child could be interested in learning about.  In the Body and Image section, there are a number of articles that cover topics such as teenage menstruation problems, hair lice, eye care, exercise, maintaining healthy bones, and puberty. Each of these topics helps teens understand what is normal and what to expect in each situation.

The Dangers and Crises section covers common issues that your teen may face in day-to-day life. These issues include teen suicide, car accidents, crime, alcohol, tobacco, gangs and more. This site is a great resource for those looking to educate their children about these topics without pressuring them. Simply encourage your child to read more about these topics; you don’t have to lecture them on the ins and outs of each subject when they can read about it here. Each section contains contact information so teens can learn more about the topic at hand, and if you or your teen needs to talk with a professional, our site can help you determine the best way to do this.

Information for Parents

For parents, this site covers a large amount of information on drug and alcohol abuse, and where to seek help for your child if he or she is addicted or dependent on drugs or alcohol. We provide information on the side effects of drugs and alcohol as well as the types of treatments available. For additional information on addiction and treatment, call us at 1-888-287-0471. We have professionals on hand to answer any questions you may have.

ProjectKnow also includes featured articles, direct links to the top drug rehab programs, a local directory for teens and parents, and local resources. You can search our database to quickly find any information you need.

Kids have access to the Kid City Virtual Village, Kids Live Chat, an online bookstore and more. Teens can visit sections including the Teens City Chat and Classroom 101 Study Ideas.

Parents and teens can visit together to learn about sensitive and important subjects, such as:

  • Oppositional defiant disorder help
  • One Heart for Kids
  • Regional resources for teens and kids
  • Parents/youth worker discussion boards
  • Teen drug and alcohol use
  • Magazines for parents, teachers and youth workers

Together with your teen, you can share the experience of learning. Find resources to help you educate your teen on violence, schoolwork, careers and more, or resources to better help you understand your child and his or her feelings.

More Resources for Teens, Parents, Teachers and Everyone

Teachers can find K-12 resources for classroom learning at our site. There are also free classifieds available. Teachers may find this site particularly helpful as they begin educating their students about a variety of topics, from gang violence to body image. The teacher resource section includes a way to obtain Classmail email addresses for your entire class, links to the Discovery Channel and PBS, information on scholastic magazines, resources on teen violence and more. With all this information, it is easy to set up projects in class that will help your students learn more about topics that are relevant to them.

Starting college is always a stressful time, whether or not your child is looking forward to it. There are essays to write, scholarships to apply for, and acceptance and rejection letters from the schools your child wants to attend. Through our site, you can learn how to aid your child in keeping a positive outlook throughout the process. You can learn about stress management and how to be supportive while your teen can learn about how the college and university application process works.

College students can find information on admission essays and career choices. Sample college essays range from undergraduate to medical and law essays, so no matter what career your teen is focused on, he or she will have information on putting his or her best foot forward to that admissions board.

Jobs & Career

Job-SearchStarting to plan for a career from an early age is essential. It allows teens to set their goals and begin to strive for how to achieve them. Having a specific plan in place can also help to ensure that teens remain on track. They will be less likely to fall into a life of crime or other bad activities if they have a structured plan. If you set your goals, you can of course change your mind, but it will always take drive to achieve your dreams.Read More

Career planning topics are also available. Articles focused on planning for the future and determining the best career path to help your child understand the focus he or she wants to achieve. From goal planning to how to develop a strong class base for any career, this section is something that any college-bound teen should read.

Parents have a number of important things that they want to teach their children, from finance management to how to eat well. Our site focuses on these topics and more. The money and finance section helps parents and teens learn about getting a job, managing money and being responsible. There are links to help children learn about how to handle money as a teen and how to build financial skills that can last a lifetime. This section also helps teens learn about how to avoid debt and money problems later in life through responsible money management. Parents will learn about the potential downfalls of teen jobs, including the dangers and temptations teens may face as they now have money to spend. Debt and greed are addressed, including the peer pressures your teen may face with wealthy peers or the pressure to spend what he or she earns.  Talking with your teen about money management is an important part of parenting and our site provides you with ample resources to help you determine the best way to do that.

Every parent wants to have a healthy child, so our health and wellness section allows you to learn the best ways to promote a healthy lifestyle. There are so many things that can affect your teen’s health, from sexual issues to allergies and medications. Teens are at a higher risk of eating the wrong foods, being deprived of sleep, and having to deal with stress from friends and schoolwork.  Promoting a healthy lifestyle at an early age can help prevent a number of issues in the future, so we help you determine the prime ways to keep your child healthy.

Exercise is of major importance. Exercising helps reduce stress and encourages activity that will keep your child fit and healthy. Exercise can also help promote a positive body image, which many teens have difficulties with. Teens commonly become involved in sports and other activities to help build friendships, reduce stress and to have an outlet for their emotions.

Parents may dread the “birds and bees” talk, but it is an important discussion to have with your children. Teenagers face many situations that could become sexual very quickly. Budding relationships may have pressure from friends to experiment, or your son or daughter may become involved with someone who wants more than they do and face some pressure to be involved in a situation he or she is not ready for. There are many aspects to teenage love, so it’s important to start the discussion of what you recommend for your child as soon as possible.

The teenage years begin a time of sexual discovery, beginning with puberty. Our site covers a number of sections that can help your child understand the changes occurring in his or her body, sexual health, diseases and more. As a teen, there are many hormonal changes that occur, pressures to experiment sexually, and other tricky situations. Sexually transmitted diseases are covered in our pages, so your teen can be informed about how to stay protected from potential problems. Some of the information we provide covers:

  • Safe sex
  • Pregnancy
  • Societal pressures
  • Sex in the media
  • Mental health

Teen pregnancy is also an issue you may wish to speak about to your teen. It affects both sexes, and many teens don’t think about how serious this can be. There are also emotional effects caused by sexual activity, so it’s important to educate your child about mental health and depression, especially since teens often face rejection from their peers.

Our database of information covers a large amount of information on drug and alcohol abuse for teens and parents. It’s important to have a dialogue with your child about the potential issues related to drugs and alcohol from an early age. Your teen is going to be exposed to drugs and alcohol often, in most cases. There are a few tips that we provide to getting a conversation started, including:

  • Being honest about the dangers of drugs and alcohol
  • Explaining that you care about the health of your child
  • Doing your homework to make sure you understand the real abuse issues
  • Setting a good example for your teen

“The best thing to do for your teen is to set a good example in all areas of your life. Your home should be free from drugs, and a truthful and supportive environment.”It’s important to realize that your teen is an intelligent individual. Trying to scare your teen with embellishments about the dangers of drugs or alcohol will only hurt your ability to speak to your child honestly. Understand the drugs you’ll be talking about, and make sure you know enough about them to make your arguments against them. It’s important to make sure your child knows that these things can be dangerous and that you want him or her to remain as healthy as possible.

The best thing to do for your teen is to set a good example in all areas of your life. Your home should be free from drugs, and a truthful and supportive environment. Maintain a healthy eating environment, support your child’s body image, and help him or her determine the focus that he or she wants to have in school, work, college, sports and other areas of life. By being a supportive parent, your child will feel closer to you and be able to truthfully tell you about problems that he or she has with peer pressure, health issues and relationships.

Our site also focuses on the media, entertainment and culture. The media has a heavy influence on people today, and your children are surrounded by media constantly, thanks to the Internet. Celebrities can be a good or bad influence, as can television, video games or other types of media. It’s important to know when to draw the line and when to allow your child to indulge in the media available to him or her. By speaking freely with your teen about media and media pressures, you can start discussions on a number of topics, including:

Taking an interest in the popular culture your teen enjoys is a great segue to discussions that can benefit you and your child. You can understand the influences that are affecting your teen, while your teen can understand the differences between media reality and day-to-day living.

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