Sexaholics Anonymous

According to the Center for Research and Education on Gender and Education (CREGS), the number of individuals with sex addictions attending support groups, such as Sexaholics Anonymous, has increased significantly in the last five years. The term “sex addiction” refers to the behavior of an individual who has an obsession with sex or an unusually high sex drive. Intercourse and the thought of it dominates the person’s thoughts, making it difficult to engage in healthy relationships. Sex addicts often suffer from a distorted way of thinking, justifying and rationalizing their behavior and blaming other people for their problem. Sex addicts make excuses for their behavior and often deny they even have a problem at all.

Sex addiction is also risky, as many sufferers engage in different forms of sexual activity without thinking about the potentially negative consequences. As well as putting an individual at risk of physical and emotional harm, sex addiction harms a person’s relationships and interferes with his or her social and work life. If you know someone who has a sex addiction and you are looking for advice on Sexaholics Anonymous support groups or sex addiction in general, please feel free to call our confidential helpline on 1-888-287-0471.

Did You Know?

According to the Psych Central website, it is not unusual for individuals suffering from a sex addiction to progress to forms of illegal activity. This may include making obscene phone calls, exposing themselves in public and molestation.

Symptoms of Sex Addiction

There are various symptoms associated with sex addiction, including

  • Obscene behavior in public
  • Excessive masturbation
  • Multiple affairs
  • Consistent use of pornography

Symptoms that are more serious include sexual assault, voyeurism and rape. A common misconception is that people who have a sex addiction and attend Sexaholics Anonymous meetings enjoy intercourse. This is often not the case, as in most cases the addict fails to experience any pleasure during the sexual activity. As well as this, the addict usually experiences intense feelings of shame and guilt about what he or she has done. It is normal for sex addicts to feel completely out of control, and despite the negative consequences, they feel unable to control their behavior. If you believe you may be suffering from a sex addiction, please call our confidential helpline at 1-888-287-0471 for free advice on what to do next.

Did You Know?

According to information gathered by CREGS, studies seem to support that individuals with sexual addiction may have a predisposed gene that makes them more prone to this type of addiction.


projectknow-shutter393578155-upset-man-talking-to-womanBecause many sex addicts are in denial regarding their addiction, most are reluctant to seek appropriate treatment. In some cases, it takes a major consequence — such as an arrest or breakup of a marriage — to force the individual to admit he or she has a problem. The first step for an addict is to visit a medical professional who will decide what kind of treatment best fits the person’s individual needs.

Sex addiction treatment concentrates on teaching the individual how to control his or her addictive behavior and encourages a healthy sexuality. Therapy is a large part of sex addiction treatment, especially as many addicts also suffer from depression or anxiety disorders. A therapist will work with the addict, gaining his or her trust and encouraging openness about the addiction.

Support groups such as Sexaholics Anonymous are designed to offer support to the addict on a group basis. In these groups, addicts can learn from each other how best to handle their own addiction issues.

Did You Know?

According to the Psych Central website, individuals being treated for sex addiction stand a better chance of recovery by attending treatment in a specialized residential center.
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