Emmalynn Pepper Clemmensen, MS, LPCC, CRC

Pepper is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who has experience providing both individual and group therapy in an outpatient setting. She works with individuals who have disabilities, those who are experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and other mental health concerns. She also works with those who are struggling with both a mental health disorder and substance use disorder. In her free time, Pepper enjoys spending time with her family and writing.

  • Credentials: MS in Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology, BA in Psychological Science
  • Expertise: Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI), co-occurring disorders

Written By Emmalynn

How to Cope as a Parent Watching Your Child Struggle with Addiction

As a parent, you love your children more than anything in the world. Knowing that they battle addiction issues can be heart-wrenching—it can also be tough to know how to cope personally. Many teens try drugs and alcohol—studies show that nearly 70% of high school seniors have tried alcohol and 5... [Read More]

The Correlation between Divorce and Adolescent Substance Abuse

Adolescence and young adulthood are the times in life when people are most likely to begin abusing drugs.1 In fact, approximately 70% of high school students have tried alcohol by the time they are seniors, 50% have used an illegal drug, and more than 20% have abused a prescription medication.1 Th... [Read More]

Are You Suffering from Adult ADHD and Addiction?

Even though many people associate ADHD with kids and teens, adults suffer from the disorder too. Sometimes the distressing symptoms lead to substance abuse as well, often in an attempt to self-medicate. So how can you know if what you’re experiencing is within the normal range of distractibility... [Read More]

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