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Ecstasy is also clinically known as MDMA. It is a synthetic drug widely used among teens and young adults. Ecstasy is an illegal substance that cannot be obtained with a prescription. It is sold by street dealers, and it is extremely popular because of the euphoric effect it provides. It is not uncommon for individuals to abuse Ecstasy; as a result, there are many Ecstasy and MDMA abuse hotlines available to those who abuse this drug. If you or a loved one needs help overcoming an addiction to Ecstasy, call 1-888-287-0471 today to discuss your treatment options.
projectknow-shutter376019320-mdmaWhen you call an Ecstasy and MDMA abuse helpline or treatment center, the individual who answers your call will likely ask you a series of questions. One question you may be asked is how long have you been using this drug. It is important to be as honest as possible in order to get the best treatment information available. You may also be asked if you are aware of the effects the Ecstasy are having on your brain and body. Knowing the effects of Ecstasy will help you to understand the treatment and withdrawal process better.

Did You Know?

According to a report from the United Nations, between 10 and 25 million people used Ecstasy at least once in the year 2008.

How Does It Work?

Ecstasy works by altering the serotonin in your brain, which affects your overall mood. Ecstasy has the ability to alter your sleeping activity and increase your desire to engage in sexual activities. This drug acts like methamphetamine, so it also minimizes your sensitivity to pain. Individuals primarily consume this drug in order to create pleasurable feelings.

Ecstasy is a very fast-acting drug, and the euphoric feeling that it provides lasts for many hours. Because this drug brings positive feelings to users and those using Ecstasy around them, many people who are addicted to Ecstasy rarely think about the dangers of taking this drug. If you want more information about the effects of MDMA, call our Ecstasy and MDMA abuse hotline at 1-888-287-0471 .

Immediate and Long-Term Effects of Ecstasy

Ecstasy almost immediately increases the heart rate of the abuser. It also causes blood pressure and body temperature to elevate very quickly. The energy that the body uses to manage these sudden changes causes the body to work harder, which leads to excessive sweating and dehydration. It is not uncommon for users to get very thirsty after taking this drug.

Since Ecstasy is known as a party drug, it is not uncommon for people to mix Ecstasy with alcohol. Combining these substances is dangerous and often has serious consequences. Consuming Ecstasy can also cause the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Paranoia
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Unusual eye movements
  • Blurred vision

If you are dealing with Ecstasy and MDMA abuse and need immediate help, call our helpline immediately at 1-888-287-0471 to speak with a addiction treatment specialist.

Once MDMA addiction sets in, long-term addiction signs symptoms will likely develop. Since Ecstasy is a drug that affects the brain, irreversible brain damage may occur. This irreversible damage may affect the brain’s ability to produce the chemicals that make you feel good. It is not uncommon for those addicted to Ecstasy to regularly experience feelings of depression after a few months of continuous use. The ability to produce euphoric feelings will also cease, which makes the user feel as if he or she needs more of the drug to get high. Other long-term effects include:

  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Panic attacks
  • Psychosis

Did You Know?

Up to 80 percent of individuals who use Ecstasy frequently will experience some form of memory loss.

Ecstasy and MDMA Abuse Hotlines Are Here to Help

contactMost of the time, the user is not aware that a physical addiction is present. Many MDMA addicts also become psychologically dependent, which causes them to pop Ecstasy pills knowing that the drug no longer provides a euphoric feeling. To get treated for MDMA abuse, it is best to start by calling an Ecstasy and MDMA abuse hotline to speak with a professional counselor. The counselor will direct you or your loved one to treatment facilities in your area. Call 1-888-287-0471 to start the process of ending your addiction today.

There are a variety of treatment options available to those who are undergoing MDMA addiction. Detoxification and withdrawal are the first part of the process. Recovering addicts also get assistance from psychologists, who will help them learn how to live productively without using this drug. Some treatment facilities offer alternative treatments including acupuncture, meditation, yoga and massage. Behavior therapy is also encouraged, which helps the patient to find new ways of enjoying life and managing stress. Get more information on Ecstasy and MDMA abuse hotlines and other modes of addiction by calling 1-888-287-0471 to speak to a qualified representative.

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