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Are you prepared to find detox treatment for Dextrostat, Dextromethorphan (DXM), alcohol or other dependencies? Detoxing starts with cleansing the body of abused substances, generally with a medically-administered course of Depade or ReVia.

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At present, the repository has listings of 18 facilities in AK featuring detox support. The highlighted abused substance detoxification clinics listed here have all been thoroughly examined to validate that they will meet or go beyond standards set by both national and state patient care groups.

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About Detox Treatment in Alaska

A pharmaceutically-assisted detox facility provides trained support to substance abusers who are initiating treatment to break out of alcohol or drug addiction. Prescription medications along the lines of Methadone or Buprenorphine might be prescribed to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal.

A drug addicted person may want to stop consuming alcohol or street and prescription drugs but is hesitant to do so because of apprehension about experiencing withdrawal symptoms like muscle aches, nausea, vomiting and trembling.

About Therapy, Aftercare and Sober Living in Alaska

Former addicts need long-term support and management to avoid suffering a relapse. Continual therapy can be taken on an in-home basis or with a multi-step rehab program. Deciding to move to a transition house is often successful in helping an addict reach sobriety for the long term.

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