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Select a Different State is ready to help you locate a sober living society in ME that will accommodate any personal needs and help you stay sober when you've finished recovery. has collected listings for 145 services in Maine offering extended care services, including long-term and home treatment patient solutions.

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The highlighted local listings free of alcohol or drugs are some of the finest you will find for yourself or someone you love. They are all vetted ahead of time and pass or exceed national level and state specifications, such as state licenses and nationwide testing and accreditation.

About Sober Living in Maine

Maine features many excellent transitioning houses for people hoping to live a sober life. By staying with recovering addicts who have experienced rehab or are participating in AA you can strengthen your determination and your support circle, giving you a chance to create new connections who want sobriety and freedom from addiction.

About Therapy and Aftercare in Maine

If not given proper specialized follow-up care, an addict may be at risk to backslide into previous behavioral patterns. A sobriety program helps the addicted patient progress from the onsite residential therapy center to an independent life while staying sober.

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