Expert Guides on Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Treatment

At, we understand the importance of having accurate medical and mental health information at your fingertips. Being informed will not only help you to recognize the signs of a potentially problematic substance abuse or behavioral health issue, but will provide the tools you need to seek help for those individuals in need.

In order to bring you this knowledge, we’ve contracted experts intimately connected with the sphere of addiction treatment—including academics in the field of biomedicine, clinicians, counselors, and other mental health professionals—to create these articles detailing some of the consequences that addiction may have on our health.

Substance Abuse and Dermatologic Conditions

A wide range of skin pathology may result in connection with the abuse of drugs and alcohol, each manifesting quickly or developing over a more chronic course. Skin changes are often harbingers of serious health issues. The details provided in this guide may help you to recognize some of these changes, and hopefully serve as a cautionary reminder of the inescapable ravages of addiction.

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Teen Substance Abuse: 10 Most Commonly Abused Drugs

Teenage drug abuse and addiction are serious issues in today's society with both new and traditional drugs becoming more accessible. In order to combat teen drug abuse, it's important to understand which substances teenagers are using and why. This guide explores the most commonly abuse drugs among teens according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

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