Hey Kids, Want Some Free Cocaine? Dangers of Free Drug Exchanges

Let’s face it; drug dealers aren’t exactly known for their compassionate sense of giving. These days, it's common to see reports of terrible violence brought down on a “client” who racked up massive drug debt, but simply couldn't afford to pay. Strangely enough, a group of drug dealers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada decided it was time to rail against the greedy reputation drug dealers have earned. Unfortunately for this trio, it appears they failed. Miserably.

When Giving Goes Wrong

Canadian citizens Jesse Levesque, 22, Chris Hefford, 22, and Dan Friedrick, 25, made a living by selling cocaine. The problem – in their eyes, anyway – was that they weren’t making the large amount of money they’d hoped. To boost their income, the group decided it was time to drum up some new business.

On July 17 and 18, the men headed straight for an area of town that is known for a large youth population. They eventually parked in a spot conveniently located between a couple youth service centers and a high school. Sitting patiently in a white Dodge Ram pickup truck, the men waited for classes to dismiss. What they did next is mind-blowing.

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Have a Free Sample...

Targetted teenagers for Cocaine use
With teenagers flowing into the area, the brazen cocaine dealers made their move. One by one, the men yelled out to kids who looked like “easy targets,” calling them over to the truck. When teens approached the passenger’s side window, each was given a complimentary half-gram packet of base cocaine. As if that’s not bad enough, these would-be kingpins were dumb enough to place their contact information on the back of each packet.

“They were giving away half-gram packets of base cocaine, so powdered cocaine,” police spokesman Scott Pattison told the media.

Thanks to a flood of tips that came into police, officers were able to arrest all three men. After all, they knew exactly where to find them. All three men are charged with trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking and living off the proceeds of crime.

Dealers Getting Customers Hooked

The tactic of giving away free drug samples is not new. Street dealers often earn new clients by giving away small amounts of a product. Handing out free samples is just a sneaky way of enticing customers, earning their trust, and getting them addicted at the same time. Once a new customer gets hooked, dealers can earn that money back in less than an hour.

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Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org, Flickr/Carissa Rogers

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