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Court Ordered Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Near Me

Table of Contents

How To Get Court-Ordered Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Those who suffer an arrest related to drugs or alcohol might have access to a program that helps the person avoid jail time. If you find yourself arrested because of drunk driving, drug possession or another related crime, you should talk to your lawyer about alternative sentencing rehab. Your lawyer can broach this subject with the judge, and in some cases, the judge might suggest this treatment plan.

Who is Eligible for Court Mandated Rehab Program?

One of the first questions that you might ask is who qualifies for this program. Most courts look at first-time offenders because those people are less likely to commit a crime in the future. The court also looks at drug addiction and alcoholism as diseases that you cannot control. If you are in good standing in the community, you might qualify for this program. The judge hopes that by attending court-ordered rehab, you can get sober, which reduces the chances of you breaking the same law again.

Should Drug Addicts Choose Court Ordered Rehabilitation or imprisonment?

The judge might give you the choice between serving jail time for your crime or attending a treatment program. You should look at several factors before making your decision, including:

  • Whether you are committed to getting clean
  • How long you want to stay away from your friends and familyv
  • If you want a conviction on your record
  • If you want to avoid legal trouble in the future

“In most cases, if an addict successfully completes an alternative sentencing rehab program, the court removes the crime from the individual’s record.”In most cases, if an addict successfully completes an alternative sentencing rehab program, the court removes the crime from the individual’s record. For example, if you have a DUI and finish treatment, the judge removes the DUI from your public record. Most states require that you complete the treatment plan before the court expunges your record. According to the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, offenders in the county who do not complete the program must attend the original jail time imposed by the court.

An alternative rehab program can save you from future troubles because the court wipes your slate clean. An employer, financial institution or anyone else doing a criminal background check on you should not see any signs of your crime. You also have the chance to learn the skills you need to stay away from drugs or alcohol in the future.

How Long is Court-Ordered Rehab?

The minimum length of time that you spend in the alternative sentencing rehab is 30 days. The judge has the final say on how long an addict must attend treatment, and the judge can mandate that an addict stay in rehab for up to one year. The courts generally reserve the longer stays for those who have more than one drug or alcohol offense on their records.

The court can also increase the stay based on how well you perform in rehab. Alternative addiction treatment programs often report back to the court. The judge wants to ensure that you stay healthy and that you learn the skills you need when you leave the center. If the judge determines that an addict is not following the treatment plan, he or she can order the individual to stay at the center for longer than determined in the original sentencing.

Finding Court-Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Near Me

The court might give you the chance to choose your own alternative sentencing rehab center. This lets you find a center that focuses on the type of treatment that works best for your addiction. If you need help looking for the right rehab center nearby, contact us at . We can help you find the best treatment program that matches your lifestyle and personality.

Did You Know?

  • According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 150,000 people are currently in prison because of drug offenses.
  • The State of California spends around $47,000 per year to house and care for a single prisoner, meaning the government spends millions on crimes relating to drugs.
  • California’s Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act offers drug treatment as an alternative to jail time for paroled offenders and those on probation.

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