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Aetna Substance Abuse Rehab Insurance Coverage

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When you or your loved one needs alcohol or drug rehab, you have many things to think about, including:

  • Where you should get treatment?
  • How does treatment works?
  • How long you will be in a rehab program?

You will also undoubtedly have concerns over how you will pay for drug and alcohol rehab.

Does Aetna Cover Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab?

If you are covered through Aetna insurance, you will likely have some form of healthcare coverage for drug and alcohol rehab. Addiction treatment coverage will vary depending on which Aetna insurance health plan you have.

Please note: American Addiction Centers (AAC) strives to provide you with the most updated information on each carrier’s addiction insurance coverage, but policy changes and errors do occur. Please check with your insurance carrier directly to confirm coverage levels. AAC is not affiliated with or endorsed by Aetna or any of its licensees.

Aetna Insurance1 was founded in 1853 and is now one of the largest medical insurance companies in the United States. Aetna is a part of the CVS Health Corporation1 and provides a wide variety of insurance products to individuals and employers who provide group coverage to their employees. Aetna also offers plans for managed Medicare and managed Medicaid plans in 14 states.2,3

Aetna Insurance for Substance Abuse Rehab

Does Aetna cover rehab treatment for substance abuse? Aetna Insurance mental health coverage typically includes benefits for substance abuse rehab.

To see what coverage options your Aetna plan provides, you should check your Aetna drug alcohol rehab coverage. One easy way to do this is to call the number on the back of your insurance card and speak directly to an Aetna representative to determine what benefits you have for either inpatient or outpatient drug rehab.

Medicaid Coverage from Aetna Insurance

Aetna insurance therapy coverage varies by plan and includes managed Medicaid plans for people who qualify for Medicaid coverage based on income and other factors. Aetna Medicaid is offered in several states including California, Illinois, New York, and Florida.3

Medicaid covers alcohol and drug rehab, and you can link to your state’s program at for more information.4 While Medicaid frequently covers inpatient rehab, not all treatment programs will accept Medicaid. Therefore, it is important that you check your healthcare benefits through Aetna Medicaid coverage5 and also make sure that the provider you are interested in accepts Medicaid.

When you are a recipient of Medicare, you can also get inpatient rehab with a deductible of $1,480. A deductible is a fee you are responsible for before the insurer contributes to the cost of treatment. You also must pay 20% of the costs of inpatient treatment.6 Aetna offers numerous plans that provide Medicare coverage.2

Aetna Insurance for Inpatient Rehab

Some Aetna plans also cover inpatient rehab. For example, one Aetna plan in Maine for government employees has a $400 individual deductible and an $800 family deductible. After meeting your deductible, this Aetna plan covers the costs of inpatient treatment except for a 10% co-insurance payment. This means you will be responsible for 10% of the overall cost of inpatient treatment.7

One Federal Aetna plan lists 20% co-insurance rates for some plans for inpatient rehab with a $700 individual deductible and a $1,400 family deductible.9 Another Aetna insurance plan, for the employees of the State of Illinois, offers a no-deductible plan with a $375 co-pay for inpatient drug and alcohol rehab.8 These examples show that the coverage varies a great deal from one Aetna plan to another, but all Aetna insurance plans cover some part of inpatient rehab.

Aetna Insurance for Outpatient Rehab

Medicare and Medicaid plans under Aetna provide coverage for outpatient drug and alcohol rehab if deemed necessary by a provider. The addiction treatment that Medicare covers may include intensive outpatient programs, which meet a few hours a week, and partial hospitalization programs, which meet 20 hours a week or more.10

As noted with inpatient addiction treatment, the amount of coverage provided for outpatient treatment through Aetna medical insurance plans varies. In one Aetna insurance plan in Maine, outpatient treatment has a coinsurance rate of 30% of overall treatment cost, whereas a plan in Illinois has a $35 per visit co-pay.7,8 A typical Federal Aetna plan offers a 20% coinsurance coverage option for outpatient treatment.9

Does My Aetna Insurance Policy Cover Addiction Treatment?

It is important that you check your benefits and coverage under your Aetna medical insurance plan to see what levels of coverage your plan offers for drug and alcohol rehab. Call the number on the back of your insurance card or check your Aetna insurance coverage and benefits underneath.

Federal employees who are covered through Aetna can get more information regarding benefits and coverage under their Aetna health insurance plans.9

Whether you have Aetna as a federal employee, through another employer, or as part of your managed Medicare or Medicaid plan, you have some level of coverage for inpatient or outpatient alcohol and drug rehab. Check your benefits by calling Aetna or go online to find the best, most affordable addiction treatment program for you or your loved one.

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