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Respect for elders is something that is instilled in most of us when we are young. Imagining that someone we look up to and admire could have an addiction problem is hard, but addiction issues among the elderly are becoming increasingly common. Your loved one may not have sought out drugs on the street, but nowadays that is not where most addiction starts. Sadly, addiction to prescription medication has been one of the leading reasons that patients seek admittance to drug treatment programs.

How Addiction Among the Elderly Starts

projectknow-shutter74622172-prescription-elderly-manOne of the leading causes of addiction among the elderly is addiction to prescription painkillers. In the 1990s, doctors said that they were responding to patients’ complaints of poor pain management by offering the prescription drug OxyContin for mid-level pain management. OxyContin and other drugs like it, including prescription medications with the primary ingredient of hydrocodone or oxycodone, are very powerful opiates, related to other opiate drugs like morphine, opium and heroin.

Oftentimes, elderly patients begin taking prescription painkillers in an effort to manage pain following an injury or surgery. Sometimes painkillers are given to manage daily aches and pains associated with the aging process. Regularly taking a painkiller can lead to dependence, and sometimes addiction can take hold.

Addiction Help for Elderly Patients

Finding yourself addicted to your prescription medication can make you very angry and scared. If you became addicted to something your doctor gave you, how can you trust doctors to help? The best drug treatment centers will understand your reservations and your fears. There are private drug addiction treatment programs that focus on taking the special needs of elderly patients into consideration. Your comfort and privacy are their first concern.

“Getting the toxic drugs out of your brain and body is a critical first step for any drug counseling program.”What happens in drug rehabilitation? Knowing what to expect from the top drug addiction treatment programs can help give you the courage to reach out for help. The first step for most private drug treatment centers is to gently take patients through medically supervised detox treatments. Getting the toxic drugs out of your brain and body is a critical first step for any drug counseling program. Drug counseling will involve learning new skills to help cope with issues of addiction. Patients who are fighting to overcome addiction focus on recovery better after a thorough detox program, which leaves them better able to comprehend the new things they will be learning.

High-end drug addiction treatment programs have full staffs of medical and psychiatric professionals who specialize in the treatment of addiction. Having these kinds of experts to help you can make all the difference to your recovery. Top drug rehabs offer dual diagnosis treatment; this treatment is ideal for those who suffer from a mental health issue in addiction to an addiction problem. It’s been shown that addressing both issues simultaneously is the best way to get well.
projectknow-shutter207102862-old-couple-talkingAnother great service offered by the best drug treatment programs is family therapy. When addiction has come into the family, the person who with the addiction is not the only one affected. Often, other family members have also felt the pain of addiction and there may be some confusion, sadness, hurt feelings and even anger. By involving the whole family in the recovery process, all of these feelings can be heard, respected and explored compassionately. That way, when the patient returns home after addiction treatment, there will be a loving environment to come home to with strong relationships to support the person as he or she tries out strategies learned in a drug addiction treatment facility.

Getting Help

For elderly people, facing addiction can be especially humiliating and painful. You don’t need to be embarrassed or afraid; know that addiction is a disease that can affect anyone at any age. You can call 1-888-287-0471 to speak to one of our drug rehabilitation experts who can guide you compassionately to a rehab center that can help. Call now.

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