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When seeking rehabilitation services for substance abuse, it is important for each person to find a treatment center that works for her needs. For a variety of reasons, some people prefer rehab centers that only accept patients of one gender. Seeking rehab for women can result in a more comfortable experience for many female patients, leading to a more effective experience overall. If you are struggling with substance abuse and women-only rehab centers sound right for your needs, call 1-888-287-0471 today to learn more about the best options available. You can also call on behalf of a friend or loved one.

Why Women Seek Addiction Treatment

beach rehabWhen it comes to addiction, men and women often differ in key ways. Although women may be slightly less statistically likely than men to abuse substances, women usually experience more unwanted consequences than men. For example, women are at a higher risk of psychological issues stemming from their substance abuse. Depression, eating disorders and phobias are just some of the negative psychological side effects that women may experience. In addition, female alcoholics are more likely to experience liver disease, and women have poorer health overall due to addictive behaviors. Women should, however, remember that it is always possible to recover health and happiness by breaking the cycle of addiction and seeking caring, professional help.

Although women may start abusing substances for a number of reasons, some women turn to addictive behaviors to cope with sexual trauma, physical illness or problems with family life. Top addiction treatment centers know how to offer targeted care for women who are seeking to end the cycle of addiction. These treatment centers can address each female patient holistically, helping women to heal from the traumas in their lives and find healthier ways to live. Call 1-888-287-0471 for discreet, professional information about options in women-only rehab centers.

Reasons for Women-Only Rehab

If a woman has a history of sexual abuse, she may feel more comfortable, safe and relaxed in rehab for women. Some women may find the presence of male patients distracting or unwelcome, which could stand in the way of a healthy, full recovery. Attending addiction treatment for women can also help by specifically addressing the physiological and psychological problems that female addicts face. Women may enjoy being around female peers who have similar life experiences, backgrounds and outlooks.

“Since women are traditionally the primary caregivers for the children in their families, it can be more difficult for them to seek rehab.”Since women are traditionally the primary caregivers for the children in their families, it can be more difficult for them to seek rehab. Women may worry about the repercussions of being separated from their children, including losing custody. However, breaking free of addiction empowers women to be better parents and provide more positive futures for their children. Some addiction treatment programs offer childcare services and allow women to bring their children into residential treatment, offering the flexibility that women need.

If a woman is pregnant, it is essential for her to address her drug or alcohol abuse. This will ensure a healthier baby. Some centers for addiction can offer prenatal care, helping women overcome addiction at a time when it can benefit both them and their children. Rehab for women addresses the unique life situations that may complicate treatment.

Important Facts About Domestic Violence

Some individuals who are seeking addiction help may be victims of domestic violence. Addressing domestic violence issues is an important part of helping each woman recover fully and return to a safe, addiction-free environment. In some cases, women may have turned to substance abuse as a way to cope with domestic abuse. Addiction and violence can have the following effects on women:

  • Feelings of shame and guilt that can prove isolating
  • Fear of losing children or support systems after admitting the problem
  • Low self-esteem and trouble making responsible, rational decisions
  • Dysfunctional behavior

Living with domestic abuse can make it extremely difficult to overcome addiction without caring, informed outside help. Addiction treatment for women includes addressing these issues and teaching patients how to cope with domestic violence, including removing themselves from the situation.

The ultimate goal of rehab for women is to address the myriad of issues that lead to addiction and then allow addiction to continue. Rehab centers for exclusively female patients can spend more time focusing on these gender-specific issues. If you or someone you love could benefit from addiction treatment for women, you can call 1-888-287-0471 at any time to learn more about overcoming addiction in a nurturing, woman-friendly environment.

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