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Beach and Oceanfront Rehab Programs

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There are many different types of drug and substance abuse rehab centers across the country. Beach rehab programs offer something a bit different from those located in strip malls, office complexes or downtown areas. Oceanfront rehab facilities exist for every kind of substance abuse and behavioral addiction, so those seeking care and treatment for any type of harmful behavior are able to find a treatment center that is right for them at a location that is best suited for a lifestyle change.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that there are now over 23.5 million people with drug or substance abuse issues while only 2.6 million are receiving treatment. With numbers like this, it would seem that the majority of people tend to view rehab facilities in a negative light. This is not so with a beach rehab program. These centers seem more like a total wellness center that treats both mind and body.

Treatment Models for Oceanfront Rehab Centers

beach rehabOceanfront rehab centers must strive to treat the entire patient and not just their addiction. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, it should be a customized therapy. You or your loved one should feel safe, confident and ready to face each new day. Keeping stress and anxiety under control can mean faster breakthroughs in therapy and faster response times to achieving overall well-being. This can lead to stronger sobriety and fewer relapses.

An addiction treatment facility near the ocean can provide you or a loved one with multifaceted therapy. You can have care that includes medication, behavior modification therapy and lifestyle changes, all coupled with the stress-free environment of having the sand and surf at the doorstep. Quiet reflective walks on the beach can help lower anxiety.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse cites research indicating that those with drug abuse problems also may have some mental conditions. When this is the case, it is best to have a low-stress environment so the total health of the person involved in the drug treatment program can be addressed. Oceanfront rehab centers give patients the ability to watch the tides come in, dig their feet into the sand, feel the sun on their faces, and lower their anxiety and stress levels accordingly.

Stress and Addiction

Studies have indicated that stress can lead to drug addiction, so it is safe to assume that stress will hinder a person’s ability to withdraw from substance abuse. Having a serene environment can help keep stress from interfering with a patient’s recovery. Beach rehab programs work to support a total mind-body connection to the recovery process, one that other rehabs may not be able to naturally offer their patients.

“One of the features of having rehabilitation on the beach or at an oceanfront location is positive behavioral therapy, a key factor in any withdrawal therapy.”One of the features of having rehabilitation on the beach or at an oceanfront location is positive behavioral therapy, a key factor in any withdrawal therapy. This positive reinforcement of being in a place of beauty and calm can help patients recover faster without added fear and trepidation. Often, just the thought of being in a rehab may give patients negative feelings but conversely, being in a beach rehab program can offer them a better outlook on the recovery process than a cold clinical building might.

While rehab and withdrawal from drugs or alcohol are no vacation, beach treatment centers can offer some luxuries to make the recovery process more comfortable. Patients in addiction treatment facilities near the ocean may leave feeling refreshed, secure, happy and peaceful for the first time in their lives. If you or a loved one is searching for the best care — the most complete mind-body care — for drug addiction or other substance abuse or behavioral issues, look into what an oceanfront beach rehab center may be able to provide you. If you want to learn more about these types of rehabilitation centers, please call us at today.

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