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Vivitrol (Naltrexone) Shot for Alcoholism | Treatment, Doctors and Clinics Near Me

Table of Contents

What is Vivitrol Shot?

Vivitrol is an injection used for the treatment of alcohol dependency and is administered once a month. It is also the trade name for the drug naltrexone, which is a substance primarily used to treat alcohol and opioid dependency.
“Vivitrol is an injection used for the treatment of alcohol dependency and is administered once a month.”
When taken properly, Vivitrol works by decreasing a person’s desire to drink. When a person drinks, he or she receives feelings of pleasure as opiates are released into the system. Vivitrol contains an opiate receptor blocker, which is necessary to prevent those feelings of pleasure that come with drinking alcohol.

What Are the Dangers of Alcoholism?

AlcoholismAlcoholism is a serious disease that is often overlooked by many people. Some people believe that because alcohol is often consumed in casual settings such as at dinner or family celebrations, it is not a serious threat to one’s well-being; however, this notion is not true. A person who is an alcoholic is addicted to the ethyl alcohol that is found in beer, wine and liquor. Many people lose their families, jobs, homes and more as a result of being addicted to this substance. If you or someone you love is an alcoholic, you can get help from a Vivitrol addiction treatment center in your area by calling us at .

What Are the Side Effects of Vivitrol Addiction Treatment?

Overcoming your addiction to alcohol can be a lot easier with the aid of a facility that specializes in Vivitrol detox methods.

If you decide to participate in a program that uses this drug as a form of treatment, you need to be aware that there are some possible side effects. Vivitrol side effects can include:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Joint aches
  • Muscle cramps
  • Vomiting

These side effects tend to subside for most patients as they continue to use the drug. There is no evidence of this drug being addictive or causing withdrawal symptoms once a person stops taking it.

Success Rates Vivitrol

The success rate for Vivitrol addiction treatment increases when coupled with counseling services. A large part of any drug addiction program should include counseling and therapy. This helps addicts get to the root of the problem, addressing the underlying cause of becoming abusers in the first place. A top-quality program will have doctors to administer the medical and physical aspects of recovery, and counselors and psychiatrists for the mental and emotional aspects. There are typically group, individual and family therapy sessions that recovering alcoholics can participate in as a part of the rehab process.
“The success rate for Vivitrol addiction treatment increases when coupled with counseling services.

Understanding Drug and Alcohol Abuse Statistics

There is a great need for Vivitrol rehab programs. A government study released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse in 2010 revealed that 51.9 percent of Americans ages 12 and above had consumed alcohol at least once in the previous 30 days. This same study showed that 23.7 percent had five drinks or more within a two-hour time span in the previous month, while 6.8 percent had five drinks or more on five separate occasions. This is a prime example of how binge drinking and heavy drinking can lead to alcohol addiction. Vivitrol addiction treatment is meant to help people who drink heavily on a regular basis.

How Alcoholism Affects the Body?

Alcoholism can affect every organ in the body and cause one to lose motor skills and brain functioning abilities. Long-term abuse can cause serious damage to vital organs such as the liver. If you are an abuser of alcohol, you are increasing your chances for certain diseases and ailments, such as cancer and stroke. Alcoholism poses a serious threat to pregnant women and their unborn babies as well.

Finding Vivitrol Addiction Treatment Program Near Me

Depending on the level of alcohol dependency and addiction, there are a variety of ways you can be treated, including inpatient treatment facilities, outpatient treatment facilities, residential programs and partial residential programs. There are also a variety of payment options that are available depending on the facility. You may want to check with your place of employment to see if the company provides insurance and other programs to pay for this kind of treatment for employees.

Attempting to self-treat an alcohol abuse problem decreases your chances for a successful recovery. You will not have access to the many medical and psychological professionals who are trained to help people with this kind of addiction. There is no reason to go it alone when it comes to battling this disease. There is a Vivitrol addiction treatment program that can help you regardless of your age and duration of addiction.

According to studies released by the NIDA, 8.8 percent of youth ages 12 to 17 have participated in binge drinking, and 2.1 percent had consumed large amounts of alcohol in the month prior to the study. You can get help for yourself, a loved one or even a child by calling us at today.

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